Larimar ring handcrafted


Larimar what an amazing stone. Just goes with silver so well.

Larimar has such an amazing history .This beautiful blue and green  stone comes straight from the Dominican Republic. It is the only place the whole world where you will find it. It was discovered in early 1900  but was only exploited from 1975. It is Miguel Mendez who manages to obtain a right of exploitation. He gave the fine stone the name of his daughter Lari, to whom he added the word "mar", sea in Spanish. Hence the name of Larimar. The mine still belongs to Miguel Mendez.

First I textured the band by imprinting  it with  a floral decoration, then off set the stone so you can see more of the band. I have made this Larimar ring from Sterling silver and it has been hallmarked by the London Assay office and has my own JRJ hallmark too.


Size between a O and P.

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