Welcome to the Jenni Rogers Jewellery Collection

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All silver used is 925 Sterling silver.

Only natural stones are used & selection is done with the upmost care. Some stones may have been tumbled, polished or faceted & some are in their raw state. Stones of the same type can differ in colour from each other & may have certain dislocations, irregularities, inclusions, cracks or fissures. This is part of the stone's individuality & natural beauty.

I only use the finest 49 strand, stainless steel, nylon coated beading wire for optimum strength & flexibility. All necklaces & bracelets are enhanced with crimp covers & wire guards assuring a high quality finish.

The jewellery on the site is only a fifth of my stock, so to see the whole range you can always pop along to one of the events which is listed on our Events Page on the site.